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Located just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, the Delta Watershed provides an island of wilderness in the midst of suburbia. It is locally well know for its large collection of trails which are great for mountain biking. While it certainly doesn't compare to the North Shore, there are trails that should challenge anyone from a complete novice to an experienced mountain biker.

Several larger fireroad trails cross through the area, and are connected by many smaller stretches of technical single-track. Much of the single-track is peppered with rocks, roots and logs ranging in size from "tiny" to waist-high in diameter. Almost all of these obstacles can be ridden around, allowing a group of riders with varying degrees of skill to share a trail and enjoy a ride together.

The only significant downside of the Delta Watershed is its size. Being a small enclosed area, it only takes a few hours to have seen most of it. At that point, you have to explore a bit and look for other smaller trails you probably missed. For the same reasons, you won't find any long downhills (or climbs!) in the 'Shed.

Directions: Coming from Vancouver, head south towards Richmond. In Richmond, head east on Highway 91. This will let you cross the Fraser River using the Alex Fraser Bridge. Now you will be heading south again, through the community of Delta. Exit the 91 at 64th Street and head east. Very soon you will be passing by a forested area. This is the Delta Watershed. You can stop and unload at one of the two smaller gravel parking lots at the right (the second one has a great source of drinking water!), or explore the area a bit and look for some other entry points. To return to Vancouver, simply follow the directions in reverse.

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