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Written by Anaïs Nin in the 1940s, published in 1969.

Considered by some to be literary smut, aka erotica. Arguably not Nin's finest work (she was being paid one dollar per page), but I'm your typical male and have only read the erotic stuff.

It was amazing, even mind blowing when I first read it in the throes of puberty.

He asked the three men to hold her. Bijou squirmed at first and then realized it was less dangerous to lie still, for he was carefully shaving her pubic hair, beginning at the edges, where it lay sparse and shining on her velvet belly. The belly came down in a soft curve there. The basque lathered, then shaved gently, wiping off the hair and soap with a towel.
-- from "The Basque and Bijou" in Delta of Venus

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