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„Den Holocaust hat es nie gegeben“ ( The Holocaust never existed).

That´s the fabulous new slogan of the “Förderkreis zur Errichtung eines Denkmals für die ermordeten Juden Europas” ( the society for the promotion of the erection of a monument for the Jews that were killed in Europe: this is concerning the monument in Berlin that has already released a lot of tension and arguments in the past years ).

Yesterday I picked up a postcard with this very slogan on the front. In the background you see a lake with mountains, trees..very idyllic. Today I read in the newspaper that the pine-trees they put in don´t even exist in Germany, but only in Northamerica. On the back of the postcard it reads ( very small print ): „Es gibt immer noch viele, die das behaupten. In 20 Jahren könnten es noch mehr sein. Spenden Sie für das Denkmal für die ermordeten Juden Europas."

( There are still a lot of people that maintain this view. On 20 years it could be even more. Donate for the monument for the Jews that were killed in Europe ) Then follows a hotline where you can donate 5 DM ( 2,5 Euro ).

The chairwoman Lea Roth defended the heavily criticized campain with the explanation that the Holocaust was a unique event that needs to be conveyed in a unique manner.

That´s not provocative, that´s just tasteless in my view.

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