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We all have our own personal thorns embedded in our hearts. For every bad thing somebody has said to us, for every beating we have endured, for every tear we have shed, our hearts become engulfed by this bed of thorns. Some people see these thorns we bear and cringe at the sight. Others see these burdensome stigma and believe themselves to be worse off, and isolate themselves from us. But I looked at her heart, and was saddened by the thorns she bore. I tried to look past them and uncover the secrets within. Sometimes I pricked myself and bled, but in the end I saw it. It was the most beautiful rose I had ever seen, despite the oppressive thorns that had once hindered it. Her name was Denel.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if it weren't for our friendship. Albeit, we haven't been friends for the longest time, it has been a very important friendship for me, and I'd like to think the feeling was mutual. The tough times she has helped me through will never be forgotten. Sometimes, I can be in the worst mood imaginable, and ten minutes later after talking with her, I find myself smiling and laughing.

It amazes me how similar we are sometimes. She would be talking about something that happened to her once, and I would know exactly what she was talking about, because one time in my life or another, I felt the same way. I can trust some of my deepest secrets in her because I know that she understands. It's almost surreal.

I look upon our friendship with a fondness that far surpasses many of my other friendships. One conversation, one shared laugh, one shared smile can easily brighten my day, and I wouldn't give it up for the world. And when she is sad, it saddens me to no end. I feel her pain, and sometimes it keeps me up nights worrying. Such a wonderful person should not be so sad. I'd like to think that sometimes I brighten her day as well.

In a world so cruel as the one we life in, we all need something to latch onto to keep our sense of reality intact. I have her. My friend. My companion. My counsel. My big sister. Denel.

Denel is also the name of a South African firm which manufactures a massive range of weaponry and amunition. They make a lot of different tools you can use to kill people, from the technologically advanced Rooivalk helicopter, to every day 9mm bullets. A massive company who pioneered the Look and Shoot lazer targeting system used in helicopters like the Apache.

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