Dennis Lehane is an author of crime fiction novels, specifically a series of (now 5) novels starring Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro which chronicle their small PI firm and some of the cases it investigates.

The books, in order, are

  • A Drink Before the War
  • Darkness, Take My Hand
  • Sacred
  • Gone, Baby, Gone
  • and most recently Prayers for Rain.
As in all good series of books, the world Lehane creates is rich in places, people and atmosphere, with relationships and larger storylines developing throughout the series. Lehane admits that Patrick Kenzie is really his alter ego, going out and doing all the things that Lehane himself would have loved to do but couldn't since they're so dangerous, although Lehane does manage to make every scene believable.

On a personal note, I would thoroughly recommend you go off to Amazon and order at least the first book, A Drink Before the War, to get you hooked.

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