A relatively new and highly unusual belief structure which arose in the mid eighties which uses a system very different from current religious/scientific models to describe the nature of reality.

The Density model of existence purports that there are seven Densities at which souls may manifest and maintain awareness, the one in which humans currently exist being the 3rd. A basic pre-supposition of this belief structure is that souls recycle after death in order that they may experience life many times and learn the lessons required to attain wisdom.

When all of the required lessons have been learned at each density, souls are believed to rise to the 7th Density, where they integrate with all other souls into a unified being.

Unlike the Harmonic/Vibrational belief system, which maintains that the 8 octaves on a musical scale naturally reflect the structure of reality, and wherein levels of existence are not limited from extending infinitely in either direction up or down the scale, the Density model insists that existence is limited to 7 states.

The seven Densities are broken into 4 physical levels and 3 corporeal. Souls are thought to exist many times at each level before transcending to the next. The seven Densities are as follows:

1: Rocks and minerals.

2: Plants and simple animals.

3: Complex animals, including Humans.

4: Extended physical existence where inhabitants are equipped with 4th dimensional awareness, (wherein time as understood by humans is recognized as illusory).

5: A recycling plane where souls from all densities go after death to contemplate before re-entering one of the life planes.

6: An entirely corporeal plane.

7: The final plane where all souls merge.

One of the more far reaching aspects of the Density belief system lies in it's description of the classically understood forces of good and evil. Redefined as Service to Others and Service to Self, it is believed that souls cannot manifest beyond the 4th level of density until Service to Self, or selfish behavior, has been fully overcome.

Functions also occurring within this belief structure include the concept of karma, soul-mates, time travel, and a curious galactic phenomenon referred to as ‘The Wave'. See also, Cassiopeia.

To read about similar alternative belief structures, see Harmonic belief system and Carlos Castaneda.

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