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An untitled poem by Aleister Crowley, published in Konx om Pax as part of the story "The Stone of the Philosophers". The poem takes the form of an oath sworn by a character named Denzil; hence the node title.

I swear by all the stars that stream
Through all the lofty leaves of night:
I swear by the tremendous towers
That crown Granada's vale of flowers:
I swear by their impending gleam,
The Sierra's snowy swords of light!

By all the cruel and cold despair
That Christ hath brought upon the land:
By Mary and the false blind beastly
Lies of the prudish and the priestly:
By God and death and hate I swear
That man shall rise, shall understand.

I swear this by my lucid Eye,
By all the freedom I have won,
That men shall learn to love and doubt,
Put faith and slavery to the rout,
And eagle-pinioned even as I
Soar to the splendour of the sun!

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