The Department of Mutant Vehicles in Black Rock City is responsible for authorizing art cars to roam the playa.

Normally, cars are not allowed to drive around at Burning Man. You drive to your camp on the way in, but otherwise, you walk or bike your way around. There are so many pedestrians, cars would just get in the way, while kicking up choking amounts of playa dust. However, if your car qualifies as an art exhibit, you can get a sticker from the Black Rock City DMV authorizing you to drive it around, under 15mph of course. (ideally slower)

People make art cars of various sizes, from scooters made up as seahorses, to large buses made into pirate ships. Some Death Guild cars are reminiscent of Mad Max, other cars belch fire. Little go-carts are made up to look like paper maché animals.

Some memorable art cars:

  • catbus
  • Draka the Dragon
  • mobile living room
/msg me if you want any art cars added...

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