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The following cited from Bill Huffman's excellent website at http://home.san.rr.com/follies/

Derek Smart is a public figure. He's the author of a computer game called Battlecruiser 3000ad (BC3K). He is infamous in the computer gaming industry. His game is known as one of the worst unmitigated disasters ever released. (To Mr. Smart's credit he has since fixed it to the point of it being playable. There's a niche group of people that really do enjoy his game now.) The Computer Gaming world magazine has poked fun at Derek a few times for an alleged incident where he beat up a Coke machine. He posts very frequently on Usenet. In the gaming news groups, he's infamous for being the focus of the largest and longest running flame war ever seen. Even before Usenet, the flames were on AOL (in the Take2 forum) and Compuserve. On Usenet this first took place primarily in the comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic (c.s.i.p.g.s) news group. Since a new news group was created, comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.space-sim, (c.s.i.p.g.s-s), the flame war is moving there more and c.s.i.p.g.s less.

Note: make sure you read the numerous and often hilarious posts from Derek. You could also look at the official BC3K site at www.3000ad.com I have to say though this is all getting very messy with libel suits and restraining orders left and right from derek.

Update. I've seen BC3k in the local stores.
And the ranting goes o n.... http://www.planetcrap.com/stories/107/

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