Dermabond is the Johnson & Johnson brand name for 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate, a topical skin adhesive. It can be used to close surgical incisions, and wounds where there is little tension on the skin. It is an excellent replacement for sutures or staples in some circumstances.

Dermabond comes in a single application ampul and is applied over the wound, in two or three coats, while the incision is held closed. It will dry to a flexible seal in about a minute

Some of the advantages of using this method to close wounds are:

  • Affords good closure in awkward areas. (i.e. sides of fingers, etc.)
  • Forms waterproof seal over wound.
  • Quickly applied and less painful than sutures. (This is of particular value when the patient is a child.)
  • Does not require follow-up by a medical professional for removal.


  • Limited resistance to skin tension. (Not for use over joints).
  • Does not afford protection to the wound from re-injury, abrasion, etc.

Yes, this is just fancy packaging for superglue.

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