The place of origin and the Mecca of techno, it is only fair that the city of Detroit has named techno in its most pure form. The history of Detroit techno starts in 1982, when a college student named Juan Atkins first started making music with the group Cybotron. In 1986, he had moved to Detroit, started his label Metroplex, and released one of the first techno classics: "No UFO:s". Soon, two of his old college mates followed suit; Kevin Saunderson started the label KMS and scored two massive hits with "Big Fun" and "Good Life" under the name Inner City. Juan's other friend, Derrick May, started the label Transmat and released 21 12-inch singles. Transmat is still one of the most influential techno labels, and those first releases is seen as a truly classic series. This music defines the "classic" detroit sound. The "neo-classic" period of Detroit techno started in the early 1990:s. At this time, the scene was in a coma - the producers had superstar DJ status overseas, and the rave scene had taken the American punters' attention. Then, Richie Hawtin (a.k.a. Plastikman) founded Plus 8 records, taking the Detroit sound into a new era. In 1991, Carl Craig formed Planet E, after breaking up with Transmat. Another label started in the early 90:s is perhaps the essence of the Detroit techno scene: Underground Resistance, or UR. Lead by techno icons Mad Mike, Robert Hood and Jeff Mills, UR portrays themselves as underground militants - some UR t-shirts has the logo printed on the inside (!), the label of each released record depict a never-ending guerilla battle versus commercial interests, DJ:s playing UR music are "soldiers" and the UR records are "ammunition". The sleeve of each record has a "WARNING" sticker that discourage the potential listener from buying the record from a major record dealer chain. Ironically, UR is one of the independent labels struck worst by the arrogance and malice of the big-time labels. The full story can be found here. The Detroit scene is very much active today, with labels like UR, Transmat, Plus 8 and Planet E still releasing new tracks and signing new young talent.

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