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Also known as "the vile little puppet man." A virtual character who annoyed anchor Soledad O'Brian on the defunct MSNBC technology show, The Site.

Dev Null was played by Leo Laporte, host of Call for Help and The Screen Savers on ZDTV. Makes me wonder where the author of the first writeup got his information....

Dev_Null is also a character in Nihilistic Software's game Vampire: The Redemption. He makes an appearance in the latter half of the game in New York City. Not only is Dev Null a vampire, but also a cracker. One would generally call him a hacker, but the use of the term in his case is a slight misconception, due to the media's bastardization of what hacker really means. It is very William Gibson that the computer wizard in the story is named after a computer term. In addition, he is a Malkavian, a specific bloodline of vampire; all of them are insanein one way or another. He not only helps move the plot along, but offers some comic relief to a story marked by tragedy and the struggle to retain ones humanity while becoming a beast forced to prey on the human population you once belonged to.

The character of DevNull in the Vampire: The Redemption is of course insane, as all Malkavians are insane and talking to him extensively leads to him discussing various people, none of which appear in the game.

Every name mentioned by DevNull is actually a person who was a member of the Malkavian Madness Network at the time of the games creation and programming stages. While it is not certain whether he mentions each individual, a large portion of the more active users gets their name spoken in a popular video game.

My own personal favorite was "You are not Samuel, you are Samuel and a Triune entity."

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