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Devil’s peak is part of the mountain in Cape Town. When looking at the mountain from the harbour, or when looking at the standard picture postcard view of the mountain, the skyline is from left to right: The spire of Devil’s peak, the flat mesa of Table Mountain, the dome of Lion’s head and then Signal hill.

The original Cape Town settlement, and what is now the City Bowl, is in the natural amphitheatre formed by these features.

Devil’s peak, like the rest of these, is an outcrop of sandstone, a stratum referred to as the Table Mountain Sandstone. underneath this there is granite and shale, but you won't find either of these on Devil's peak.

Devil's peak stands 1000 meters (3821 feet) high, less than Table mountain’s 1087 meters. One can walk to the top, but the ascent is nicer and safer outside of the cold, wet, slippery winter months of May – August. The vegetation on the slopes is typical Cape fynbos.

On the other side of Devil’s peak you will find the Rhodes memorial, to Cecil John Rhodes, and the University of Cape Town look out over the Southern Suburbs of cape Town, the Cape Flats towards Stellenbosch, Somerset West and the distant Hottentot’s Holland mountains.

Devil’s peak gets it’s name from the folk-tale in Smoking up a storm with the devil.

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