Dharma, played by the talented and beautiful Jenna Elfman, who, by the way, is related to Danny Elfman, is a free spirited, open hearted, and open minded, person who takes every opportunity to live life to the fullest. Greg, her husband, played by Thomas Gibson, is much more normal, he’s a lawyer, but he’s gaga for Dharma who’s teaching him how to really enjoy life.

They have a pet dog, but so far it has never been used as anything more than a piece of furniture. It sits quietly through every scene it happens to be in and if you’re not paying attention you may never notice it.

Arguably the only sitcom worth watching, it has won numerous Emmies and Golden Globes, as well as a People’s Choice Award, a TV Guide Award.

Dharma & Greg premiered on September 24, 1997.

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