Dian Bachar, friend, class mate and sometime co-star of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, has had an oblique career. Although he has appeared in several short films, inevitably his most memorable and mainstream offerings come with the Parker/Stone seal. After all but stealing the show in the duo's no-budget musical gore-flick Cannibal! The Musical (made in 1996 while the three were studying at the Colorado Film Institute) as frustrated teen George Noon, he returned to the big screen as Ben Chapleski (Choda Boy) in Parker & Stone's 1998 feature Orgazmo. Who else could have played a boy genius/pornstar/superhero?

Surely his most memorable role, however, is as Squeak "Little Bitch " Scolari (Real name? Why, Kenny, of course...) in 1998's BASEketball, again the brainchild of Trey and Matt. As the sexually repressed (see a pattern forming?), geekish teammate who is repeatedly derided, abused and finally hooks up with a transvestite, he shines.

The nickname "Little Bitch" may have been the inspiration for his role as Chris, the passive, compassionate, vegetarian lover of Satan in South Park ( Episode 410, "Do the Handicapped Go To Hell?"). Bachar had already contributed to South Park as a technician on the pilot episode "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe". Pitted against Saddam Hussein (Satan's ex), the scene where he tries to give Satan the "rough love" that Saddam once did is perhaps the most memorable. Few things in Heaven or Hell are more cringeworthy.

Other credits include a bit-part as an alien in the 1999 Star Trek spoof Galaxy Quest, the missable 2000 feature The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, and several characters for pilots of the little-documented TV show Timewarped.


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