Lesbian cartoonist and the creator of Hothead Paisan. Born in New Haven, she originally began drawing the famous homicidal lesbian terrorist to "blow off steam" and was quite surprised at the character's success. DiMassa actually attributes that success to Hothead's crossover appeal - the view is "definitely through a pair of lezzie glasses, but that's not the central point." Through her comics, DiMassa has tackled issues including racism, abortion, the media, and many types of discrimination. She lists MAD Magazine, R. Crumb, and Salvador Dali as her influences and admits to being a fan of Annie Leibovitz, painter Alice Neel, Janis Joplin, and Patti Smith. DiMassa also notes that she has never been to the Michigan Womyn's Festival.

Dyke Strippers: Lesbian Cartoonists A to Z, edited by Roz Warren

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