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Dice, Camera, Action is an ongoing weekly Youtube/Twitch series focused on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. This in and of itself wouldn't really be worth mentioning since there are hundreds of D&D podcasts but Dice, Camera, Action is unique in that it is supported directly by Wizards of the Coast on the official Dungeons and Dragons channel, run by Chris Perkins who is a major designer for Wizards, and played by Youtube celebrities: Jared Knabenbaue, Holly Conrad, Anna Prosser Robinson, Nathan Sharp. They all play through official published campaign supplement each season, allowing viewers to experience the campaigns before they play.

As with most D&D games the best parts are the player characters and Dice, Camera, Action is no exception.

  • Anna Robinson plays Evelyn Avalona Helvig Marthain a human paladin who worships Lathander, the morning lord. Evelyn is a perpetual optimist who always sees the bright side of situations, assumes the best of people, and rarely misses an opportunity to credit Lathander for the beauty and wonder she encounters. On the other hand she tends to be a bit self centered, seeing the things happening around her as part of Lathander's grand plan starring her. Physically, Evelyn is a small, blond, woman with strength comically out of proportion to her size who dresses in white and gold full plate.
  • Jared Knabenbaue plays Diath Woodrow a human rogue. Diath is a treasure hunter, not a thief, who's motivated by a desire to see the world and keep his friends safe along the way. It says a lot about the group that the rogue is the responsible one but Diath functions as the straight man reining in the rest of the parties eccentricities. Most portrayals of Diath have him looking a lot like Jared since he doesn't get much description.
  • Holly Conrad plays Strix a Tiefling Sorcerer. She's an anxious wreck with paranoid tendencies; making her a foil to Evelyn. Her garb consists of voluminous cloaks which are typically filled with random items she's picked up including several small food items. It's probably not inaccurate to label her a hoarder; which, taken in combination with her lack of personal hygiene, has earned her the title of trash witch.
  • Nathan Sharp plays Paultin Seppa a human Bard. He's an alcoholic with the demeanor of a stoner. His instrument of choice is the bag pipes and has a penchant for monosyllabic responses.

Collectively fans have dubbed them the waffle crew because they agreed they'd get waffles in Waterdeep if they ever got there in the first episode. Together they've faced the Vampire Strahd, werewolves, Fire Giants, bad weather and more. I won't say it's great fun because I think watching a pen and paper game is niche enough that most people won't enjoy it but all of the people playing are professional entertainers in some form or another and Chris is a world class Dungeon Master. What I really like about this is it's an officially sanctioned Twitch stream program from a old company. This shows a commitment to interacting with fans and an understanding of marketing in the 21st century. You can watch it here.


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