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"Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?" is a 1966 single by skiffle/pop rock band The Loving Spoonful. The song is a gentle, almost acoustic number with a conversational vocal style. The subject of the song is, as the title suggests, having to make a decision in romantic situations.

The song, like the entire career of the Loving Spoonful, is somewhat hard to characterize, since it comes from a time when rock music was still fluid and developing. While The Loving Spoonful and this song had a light sound, and John Sebastian was a heart throb, they were not a bubble gum band and this is not a bubble gum song.

While its topic was romance, and its sound was neither as heavy or as psychedelic as what would be popular in just a short year or two, this song still had that je ne sais quoi that would define 60's rock music. Perhaps it was the gentle, but ironic tone, or the way the listener was directly addressed, but the song had, in its own way, the air of exploration that made so much of the music of the 60's different than what had come before.

Although as a final note, it should be pointed out that the song's main question is somewhat foreign to most people's experience, since I've never really been in a position of having two women pursue me at once.

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