Didsbury is the next village from where I live (Heaton Mersey). It is also the social hub of the surrounding area, packing more trendy bars and cafes into a single area than anywhere for miles around.

Didsbury is a small yet busy village south of Manchester (UK) at the end of Wilmslow Road (which can be found by following Oxford Road out of Manchester).

During the day, Didsbury is a busy little shopping town buzzing with office workers popping to the bank or heading to one of the many eateries or bakers for lunch.

During the evening, Didsbury comes alive as people flock from the surrounding area to relax and drink in the many night spots. Some call it tacky, some think it's full of slappers and losers, perhaps that's true, but I still like it. If you like drinking and good times, it's a fun place to spend an evening.

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To call this place a village is a bit misleading.
Manchester is a large conubation and Didders is a small part of it. Although, originally, it was probably a village all by itself, the surrunding communities have grown (as has Didsbury) until the borders are all but invisible.

There are essentially 2 parts to Disbury, East and West. These lie on either side of Palatine Road with West Didsbury often seen as being more well off with higher priced housing etc.
At Palatine Road, the East is also quite exclusive, with large Victorian houses that cost s*** loads. As you move further east, towards an area called Burnage, the housing tends to become a little more average, perhaps a little run down and then a bit horrible when you actually get to Burnage.

When you refer to Disbury Village, you are actually refering to the main high street in East Didsbury where (surprise surprise) most of the shops, pubs and offices are concentrated. The 'Village' is not terribly big, stretching along Wilmslow Road for about 1/4 mile. You tend to move out of the village pretty quickly if you move away from Wilmslow Road.

As Peej said, it is always buzzing with people and a lovely place to spend an evening with lovers or friend (or both), well worth a visit.

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