How would I know about girls? I am a rocker. I rock out.

Diesel Sweeties is an independent webcomic written and drawn by Rich Stevens III. Highly irreverent, it addresses topics such as porn, robots, music, being indie, and poseurs. It's somewhat self-referential at times, but usually the characters remain simple enough that a new reader could pick up anywhere in the story. I've read through the archives at least 3 times already.

Almost always, the comic takes the form of 4 panels in a square format, though Rich has created a few extended comics to fit a longer build-up to the punchline. The comic is created in Photoshop, and Rich employs a rather unique art style: the comic is purposely blocky, using a 3x3 pixel grid to draw everything in the strip.

Diesel Sweeties is the head comic in a loose federation of webcomics called Dumbrella. The authors of these comics are mostly mutual friends, and hosts the message boards for the comics. There is little organization among the comics beyond that, and Dumbrella doesn't really appear to be a competitor to KeenSpot, or other comic groups.

Diesel Sweeties is also notable for its rather large cast of characters, and extensive list of guest stars; all of whom manage to have different personalities within a rather limited setting. It is this as much as anything else that makes Diesel Sweeties entertaining.

Characters in Diesel Sweeties:
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