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Dieselboy (aka Damian Higgins -- and not to be confused with the punk band Diesel Boy) is hands-down the best drum'n'bass DJ alive. He started DJ-ing in the early 1990's, and is largely responsible for D'n'B forking from the larger electronica genre of jungle and becoming a genre in its own right, and showing those European DJ's that the USA has got its own fair share of turntable talent as well.

Discography as of early 2000 includes:
  • Drum & Bass Selection USA (1996)
  • 97 Octane (1997)
  • Vol 1. - Six Eleven DJ Mix Series (1998)
  • Soldier's Story: Drum & Bass DJ Mix (1999)
  • System Upgrade (2000)
  • And a whole lot of compos
Personal favorites? "Intro: Precautionary Procedure" and "The Beckoning" (tracks 1 and 2 -- anything that samples Half-Life is cool) from "A Soldier's Story" and "Ultrasonic Sound" (track 4) from "System Upgrade".

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