Digital Hardcore Recordings was formed by now ex-Atari Teenage Riot frontman and techno-mayhem wizard Alec Empire. After Atari Teenage Riot quit/sabotaged their deal with the major UK label Phonogram, they took their deal money and formed their own label. It was set up simply so Atari Teenage Riot could release an album with full artistic freedom involved, something they could not achieve with Phonogram. That was 1994. Now it is now home to a variety of bands, who share a similar sound that has been affectionately dubbed Digital Hardcore. The label specialises in extreme sound and general noise pollution. Today, it's main office and recording studio are situated in London, even though it's a German label.

CD/LPs are currently available from:

  1. Atari Teenage Riot
  2. Alec Empire
  3. Nic Endo
  4. Carl Crack
  5. Hanin Elias
  6. Heartworm
  7. 16/17
  8. Bomb 20
  9. Christoph de Babalon
  10. Cobra Killer
  11. DJ 6666
  12. Ec8or
  13. Fever
  14. Fidel Villeneuve
  15. Lolita Storm
  16. Shizuo
  17. Patric Catani
  18. She Satellites
  19. Tatsuhiko Asano
  20. Hanayo
  21. Like a Tim
  22. Rope
  23. Zan Lyons

Also, DHR have released a few compilation albums, each containing tracks from different digital hardcore artists, all used as an introdction to the world of digital hardcore:

  1. DIY
  2. Riot Zone - Digital Hardcore 1996-98
  3. Harder Than The Rest - Berlin 1994-95
  4. Don't Fuck With Us - A Collection of New American Digital Hardcore

All of these artists and compilation CDs can be bought through the official DHR website. There is also merchandise available for artists and DHR alike. If you are not afraid to dismiss nearly every other band and artist in the mainstream today and are looking for something fresh and new in extreme music, Digital Hardcore is where it's at.

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