Ding Chavez a.k.a. Domingo Chavez was born and raised in Los Angeles for 17 years. His claim to fame was result to being arrested while being a member of a Local Gang. His rehabilitation was military service.

However, Ding Chavez LIKED it.

In nine years, Ding sampled most every aspect of the Army, and found his expertise was light infantry covert operations, such as sniper and point man.

In those nine years, Ding became a professional sergeant, in Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion of the 17th Infantry Regiment, a.k.a. the 'Ninjas'.

Chavez is introduced in the book Clear and Present Danger. 26 years old, he is selected to serve with "Team Knife" and a special operations surgical strike in Colombia.

(Chavez is selected because he proves (in the movie) that he is a "Sneaky Bastard")

He meets John Clark during the training and execution of this operation and Clark, and after the troubled Operation, Clark offers Chavez a job with the CIA.

In the book The Sum of All Fears, Chavez and Clark serve as body guards for Jack Ryan, the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence.

Together, Clark and Chavez are a powerful team, both complimenting each other and both serious about their vocation of killing people and breaking their things. CIA Field Officers.

In the Book Debt of Honor, Chavez is 31 years old, and still works close with Clark. Chavez works on his Master's Degree at George Mason University. Both he, Clark, and the CIA make much use of his intelligence and photographic memory.

In the end of the book, Chavez asks John Clark for his daughter's hand in marriage.

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