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Begin: Picture of Starfield, sorta like the Warp screensaver.

Cut to: 2 people in meteor costumes, dangling as the stars go by, and you can see the strings. Meteor 1: "Hello, Meteor!" (I think he's hispanic)
Meteor 2: "Hello, meteor." (boring, nerd voice)
Meteor 1: "Have you heard about the website, Discovery.com?"
Meteor 2: "Discovery.com is my guidebook for life. I used it to plan an herb garden, train my dog, and cure my dandruff."
Meteor 1: "I learned that most meteors burn up in Earth's atmosphere."

Suddenly, a huge Earth from out of Nowhere shows up.

Cut to: Everything on fire, including the 2 meteors.

Meteor 1: (on fire) aaaaaaa the atmosphere. aaaaaah
Meteor 2: ahhhhhhh, the atmosphere. ahhhhhhh

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