An interesting mnemonic device for remembering the ultimate demise of the six wives of King Henry VIII.

  1. Catherine of Aragon- (incidently, this was his brother Arthur's widow) Married, 1509. Divorced, 1533. Children: one daughter, Mary.
  2. Anne Boleyn- She was pregnant at the time of marriage in 1533. In May of 1536 he had her beheaded for infidelity. She had one daughter, Elizabeth.
  3. Jane Seymour (TV's Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman) married him the same month. She died of natural causes while giving birth to Henry's only son, Edward, in October 1536.
  4. Anne of Cleves, whom he arranged a marriage to in 1540 after seeing a portrait of her by Hans Holbein. When he met her he decided that he didn't like her, and promptly divorced her.
  5. Catherine Howard was next, later in the year 1540. He accused her of infidelity and had her beheaded in 1542.
  6. Catherine Parr, his final (and luckiest) wife. She married him in 1543, and survived his death in 1547.

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