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Dixie Flatline, also known by his real name McCoy Pauley, is a legenday console cowboy in William Gibson's sprawl trilogy. He, along with Bobby Quine, were responsible for the education of Henry Dorsett Case, the protagonist of Neuromancer.

Dixie got his nickname from his frequent cyberspace runs against various forms of ice which resulted in he being put into a state of brain death. He describes the first time which he achieved flatline during a run against an AI in Rio which readers of Neuromancer should recognise. Pauley, unfortunately, dies before the beginning of the sprawl trilogy and his character is represtend by a ROM construct which was recorded by the Sim/Sense Corporation before his death. In this state, the 'ghost' of McCoy Pauley takes on the moniker of the Flatline (from his previous nick name) because now all that is left of him is the 'brain dead' part.

From this state he helps Case (whom he describes as "Miami, joeboy, quickstudy") once again by interfacing with Case's Ono Sendai and using the RAM therein as a sort of memory. Without this memory, every time his construct loses power the Flatline forgets everything he has learned and is returned to the state he was in when it was recorded. After a long enough time, the Flatline becomes aware that he is a recording and his only request to Case is that after the run is over, Case is to erase the construct and let Pauley final rest in peace.

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