The first thing that stands out when listening to Boy in da Corner is that you might imagine this getting annoyingly 'ghetto-blasted' out of the car directly next to you at a traffic light. Listening a bit more closely, one might come to think that the entire thing is completely incomprehensible to an American ear; however, this due to the heavily cockneyed accent of the artist. Heavy on the bass, and featuring accompaniments usually relatively devoid of complexity, appreciation of Dizzee Rascal can sometimes require simultaneous and careful reading of the lyrics.

Captain Rascal, as he sometimes calls himself, is only nineteen, and has already enjoyed critical acclaim. Winning the prestigious Mercury Music Award for Boy in da Corner, he also has won the NME award entitled 'Fuck Me! Award For Innovation.' The rather electronic-tinged beats point a bit to his influences from the UK Garage. His website also indicates that he has been influenced by 'Sepultura, Nirvana and Sham 69.' As to his voice, people have commented that if The Streets is Britain's answer to Eminem, the Rascal is likewise their answer to Busta Rhymes.

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