Yet another statement Yoda made to Luke Skywalker. Luke said he would try to do something, but to a true Jedi, it doesn't seem like you get points for trying.

In order to guarantee success, one must do more than believe. One must do more than try. One must do. There is no possibility of failure because failure does not exist. Once cannot fail any more than 1+1 can fail to equal 2.

This kind of thing gets easier with practice.

Of course, as every C++ programmer (or Java programmer) knows, there are always exceptions.
You cannot catch without trying!


I have to disagree with artfuldodger's writeup.

I've come to view this phrase in terms of merely a statement of fact.

In other words, whether or not one thinks they are trying to perform a task or seriously making an attempt, there are essentially two possible results - success or failure. Do or do not. There was no try, after all would be said and done.

My personal response to this observation - and I think Lucas and Yoda would approve - is to clear my mind and simply act without thought. Amateur Zen in action. Ideally, this frees me from distractions like my internal monologue.

Where I disagree with artfuldodger is that doing this doesn't eliminate chances of failure; what it does do is remove irrelevant elements that could cause failure

IMHO, anyway.

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