Please, I beg of you, for the sake of all humanity to raise your kids atheist!

I started thinking this after listening to three (obviously very christian) people who were seated behind me on the bus. They were discussing all sorts of issues and the rhetoric which poured from their mouths made me wish my small intestine would leap up through my chest and throttle my brain. Mothers keeping their children out of schools so they won't learn about that "evolution" thing. A woman bemoaning the poverty her and her !16! brothers and sisters lived in growing up, and how hard it's been for her and her 10 children.

"I'm just really fertile I guess", she said, "I just keep getting pregnant".

At this point I had to interject my own cynical comment, "you know there are things you can get to help with that", I said, almost to myself. I was instantly dubbed the "antichrist" in their tirade about how such products were an affront to god's plan and all. I just shut my ears and went back to reading my book. It was obvious to me through hearing this conversation that all three of these women had been raised into their faiths, they discussed prayer in school (and apparently reinstituting it would solve all problems in the world), and praying with their family. Talk of Church and the "devil" Al Gore (apparently their religious leader had recently given a sermon against the man), It's amazing how much hate can come from followers of a religion that's main commandment is to "love each other".

So I call for all parents to just raise your kids atheist, I think there should be a "mandatory atheism period" between the ages of 0-21, after 18 you can start reading about religions (you get a religious "permit" so to speak) and at 21 if you want, you can pick one, or remain atheist. Also we should prevent anyone with a IQ lower than 80 from becoming involved in any religious organization, it's these weak-minded sheep which oil the cogs of the rhetoric machine.

And don't get me started on those "Christian Scientists" who refuse all medical care, but it looks as though they'll weed themselves out eventually. Oh and can I get permission to shoot the next person who knocks on my door at 8 AM on a Sunday morning, I'm tired and hung-over and the last thing I need.... =SNIP=

This rant has been discontinued due the graphic nature of its remaining content.

Wouldn't it be nice if everybody could raise their children without instilling any deep-set religious beliefs in them? After all, if a child is raised religious, or even atheist, then one of two things can happen: 1) They stick to that belief all their life, without ever exploring any other possibilities. 2) They reject the belief later, and then resent you for drilling it into them.

When a child comes home from school saying "Mom/Dad, my teacher was talking about God today... Does he really exist?"... wouldn't it be nice if we could forget our personal beliefs, and just say "some people think so, but some don't..."?

That would be a great thing... but I don't think anybody can resist moulding their children's beliefs to match their own. After all, if you don't, then you're a bit of a hypocrite, aren't you? Encouraging a belief you don't really hold? Ah well, that's the nature of humanity, I guess.

A conversation with my then- three-year-old:
A: Mama? What is heaven?
M: Well honey, the Christian people think that when you die, your soul will go to a place called heaven where you'll meet god and spend forever in peace and happiness.
A short quiet interlude follows.
A: Well Mama, what do we think heaven is?

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