If you are noding now, STOP. Put down the mouse, step away from the computer, and turn your head away from the monitor. It's time to do your homework. Now!

Yes, Everything2 is habitually addicting at times. However, it can be a habit that takes away from the more important things in life. While the E2 goal of 100% universal linkage is an important one--it can wait. At least on school nights.

You may think homework is a tool by The Man to subjugate unwilling adolescents into obedient servants in a docile, capitalist society. You may think school is for stupid people. Or maybe your just a little tired of the whole school routine. Even if you find your homework is too easy or too hard, it's worth doing. Can you honestly say that a month from now you wish you had noded The Single Sickest Joke Ever instead of extending your skills through the rigors of a structured education? Liar.

Of course, on the surface, homework is boring. However, the toughest part is starting. That's fine and that's normal. Here are some tips to overcome the homework burden:

  • Start with the easiest assignments first.
    Even if more important things are due tomorrow, just get something easy done right away. It gets the intellectual juices flowing (whatever those are), making later work easier.
  • Put yourself in a good environment.
    Turn the TV off, get away from your family, and keep food away from you. Or don't. It all depends on what's best for you. Try different things: maybe having the TV on does help.
  • Do homework in the order of your classes.
    First period homework should be done after you finish your easiest assignment. This way you can go to school tomorrow without any unneeded pressures. Then if you don't do all your homework the night before (heaven forbid) maybe you can sneak some work in during the slower classes.
  • Start at a decent time.
    Like right after school. Or 7 p.m. Not 11 p.m. the night before the major paper is due.
  • Make a decent sleeping schedule.
    I used to get home from school and sleep. While sleep is a very good thing, you need to overcome it. For some reason, I did homework better when I was a little weary as opposed to when I was wide awake. So while I used to sleep from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. as a "nap," it was killing my work ethic. If you need a nap, do it in a high traffic area--not in your bed.
  • Keep a good attitude.
    This is the toughest tip to follow. School drags everyone down at times. Many times you will just say "Screw It" and slack off. Don't do that. Yeah, it's tempting, but it's too easy. Dedication is a skill that isn't taught very well, but it is a skill that is highly sought after in this zany world of ours.

Again, Everything2 will be here tomorrow. And this weekend. And this summer vacation. But the Calculus test is tomorrow, the paper on Great Expectations is due on Wednesday, and the Physics project deadline is the end of week. Don't just sit there. Get to work. We'll wait for you.

Another day goes by. Another lonely nodeshell is saved.

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