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This is the best song about heroin addiction ever written. It is found on the Katy Lied album by Steely Dan.

Dr. Wu is the dealer, and the protagonist in the song is lamenting the fact that she (the goddess of addiction) has brought the supposedly invulnerable Dr. Wu to his knees.

He'll be waiting for that taste quite some time now, I suppose.

I've always imagined him lying in some bed, staring at the ceiling fan, like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now. Except with the cold sweats.

My good friend brightened one day when I played this song for him, telling him it was one of the greatest ever written. He said his parents used to sing this as a lullaby for him all the time, and (this is even more odd, considering the fact that his mother is a highly enlightened writer with a movie made of her book and a column in a high-profile magazine), that in fact for some time his nickname as a kid was "Doctor Wu". None of them had ever even thought of heroin.

When I told him what it was about, you could see it die in his eyes.

It should be noted also that it was Walter Becker who dannye refers to; he for many years battled (that's what they say now, right?) heroin addiction.

Update:Come on, Crux - who're you kidding? dannye says they were both junkies. Ergo, they were both druggies.

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