A special, race-ready class of the Dodge Neon, introduced in mid-1994. The ACR (which is said to stand for "American Club Racing", but really doesn't mean a thing) is the fastest and best handling ride among the other classes of Neon. At first, the ACR was only available to autocross racers specifically, but Chrysler eventually released the ACR to the general public (possibly for homologation purposes).

Designed for autocross racing, the ACR is powered by a single overhead cam or dual overhead cam (for the sedan or coupe models, respectively) 2.0-liter inline-four. The SOHC I4 outputs 132hp @ 6000rpm and 129 ft/lbs torque @ 5000 rpm; the DOHC outputs 150hp @ 6500 rpm and 133 ft/lbs @ 5600 rpm. The ACR lacks an automatic transmission and even anti-lock brakes in keeping with its racing origins. Features such improved bushings, anti-sway bars, springs and adjustable shock absorbers make for a nice suspension package out of the box. The gearbox gets closer gear ratios for faster acceleration, and four-wheel disc brakes make the Neon ACR a tough little rice rocket right off the floor. ACR Neons have won the SCCA National championships several times and remain competitive in 2005..

An ACR is distinguished from a typical Neon in that it has a slightly different front fascia -- most notably, that it has holes for fog lights, but no fog lights. Racers use those holes to feed brake ducts. Later models also sported a grey body stripe.

Presently outdated as a speedster by the Neon SRT.

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Source: www.neons.org

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