Dominion Tank Police are mangas written by Masamune Shirow, there are also two animes based loosely upon his works. This is probably his most light hearted manga, and it is still one of my favorites of his work. The mangas and animes have the main character Leona Ozaki, who used to work in the Bike Police, but now works in the Tank Police. The stories differ drastically in the 2 mangas and 2 anime.

Dominion Tank Police also known as Dominion (Original Manga)
Leona and her team is chasing down the dangerous Puma sisters and their leader Buaku. Buaku has a plan in which stealing urine of Perfectly Healthy People makes sense..

Dominion Tank Police Conflict 1: No More Noise (Second Manga)
Much better written than either of the animes or the original manga. Conflict takes place in almost another world, and after events that happened in the original manga. However, some things have changed and Shirow seems to have created mysteries to be answered later.

Dominion Tank Police (First Anime)
Masamune Shirow had nothing to do with this one, and the result is a show on crack, and not in a good way. The story is actually based on the first manga, with some major differences. However, this anime is better than the followup.

New Dominion Tank Police also known as Crusher Tank Police (Second Anime)
The plot is moderate. The show has the tanks and Leona. They believe we are not intelligent enough, so they explain what just happened in the episode three times.

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