Roman emperor between 81 and 96, succeeding his brother Titus, with whom he was often at odds.

He was born Titus Flavius Domitianus on 24 October 51. He was a worthless second son to his father, the emperor Vespasian, in contrast to his talented brother Titus. He plotted constantly against his brother, was repeatedly forgiven, and might have had a hand in his sudden death. There was a rumour that Titus had an affair with Domitian's wife Domitia.

He was not at first an altogether bad person, merely weak and capricious, and instituted some good laws, and did such things as repairing the Capitol, which had burned down in 80. He fought indecisive campaigns against the Sarmatians, Dacians, and Chattians.

A rebellion among his German troops failed when the Rhine thawed and barbarians were unable to join the rebels; he became increasingly cruel and extortionate after this. He adopted the surname Germanicus, and renamed the months of September and October as Germanicus and Domitianus. He was assassinated by a steward called Stephanus on 18 September 96.

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