Hating the media for what they say doesn't do anyone any good. They publish many things--some of which is news, some of which they believe, some of which just plain sell.

If a paper offends you because it has too liberal a lean, or too conservative a view, find a new paper. Or if you have the patience, get your own opinion in there. Write letters to the editor. Write pieces for the opinions page. Write a letter strong enough it inspires other people to write letters too. You can change thing]s. The written word is powerful, amazingly so. These people spin words for a living, and they know when they need to listen to others' words as well.

Your school paper sucks. The articles are boring. The comics are dull. Stop reading it. Or better... join it. Highscool, college, doesn't matter. Get your own say in things. Remake it in your own image. The paper is what it is because of who it is. You have the power to change it.

Do So. Become the media. If more people presented their opinions in an eloquent, public way instead of quietly whining, they could make a difference. It's a pity so few do.

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