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Don't rush me, I'm fragile,
do not disturb me, I'm frozen
I am still, yet rushing by,
there is little to see in me, but much inside of me
who I am is plenty (not enough for others) but enough

Do not disregard me, for I am ample
you could overlook me, but at your peril
I am not a threat to anyone, but I am capable of damage

Don't rush me, I'm fragile, I'm a little flower, sitting in a field
of landmines.
I could be so welcoming, so accomodating
or I could be that song you can't get out of your head

I don't want to be fingernails on your chalkboard, but I might be.

a gift, from and to-moongirl
don't rush me, 
i'm fragile,

you push me,
i vomit,
you hug me too hard,
one bone is broken,

you yell at me,
i vomit again,
you staple my scrotum to a board,
i am aroused, but vomiting,

you scrub me vigorously,
my skin burns,
my food is too spicy,
i vomit,

don't rush me,
i'm very fragile

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