An exceedingly painful accident known to occur in Japanese sushi bars to customers who punctuate their words by waving wasabi-coated chopsticks around -- especially if the person in question does not pay attention when he/she tries to put the wasabi-coated chopstick into his/her mouth and misses rather empathically. Also a stunt not likely to be forgotten by those privileged to witness it.

On a more serious note, go forth and regard the very wise Things You Should Never Do With Chopsticks.

For that matter, don't stick anything up your nose.

Also, don't stick wasabi anywhere, let alone up your nose. If you feel the urge to use this deadly stuff, please follow some guidelines for safe wasabi:

That said, it's quite good with tuna (sushi, NOT salad). However, mixing it with benishouga, pickled ginger, does not lead to desirable results. Especially not on peanut butter. Unless you're pregnant.

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