One of Japan's most popular cartoon characters.

Doraemon is a small, blue, partially mechanical cat with a very weird voice. He was born yellow, and with ears, but his ears were chewed off by mice, and Dora's resulting tears turned him blue.

Doraemon is a mechanical cat with a 4th dimension pocket, from which he can produce...well anything. This is the charm of Doraemon, whenever he and his kid friends get into a huge problem, he can just pull a goat-powered-rocket-baba-chan from this 6 inch pocket on his stomach. Originally, Doraemon was sent to the past to save a loser kid named Nobita Nobi from poverty and unhappiness in the future. Basically things went crazy from there. Doraemon also has a sister named Dorami, who looks just like him, with the ears.

The show, Doraemon was created by Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Akido in 1969.

Info care of "All Hail Doraemon"
Doraemon and Nobita have access to the doko de mo doa, (the Anywhere Door) which is a pink wooden gateway to anywhere in the world.

Japanese translation contributed by sekicho

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