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Probably the best damn Tetris clone ever, period. One of the first clones for the PC, one of the first versions period with a two-player mode (probably only the second after the Tengen arcade version), highly configurable, and, best of all, modem play, though it was only in the registered version and so I never got to play it, being the poor middle school student that I was at the time. Kicked the crap out of the other offerings of the time, most notably Nyet and the various versions already promiscuous on NeXTs and the Mac, and was quite possibly superior to the arcade version simply because it didn't cost 25 cents a pop (and, again, was nice and configurable, and theoretically had modem play). It pissed me off when Nyet-fucking Tetris bigots were unappreciative of it.

Oh, and it had one rather cool thing about the two-player mode: it used identical, separate random seeds for both players, so they got the exact same pieces, so no one player could complain about getting shittier pieces than the other. Not a feature to be seen in any major commercial Tetris-esque game until Tetrisphere, AFAIK.

Oh, and the only sane Tetris for home use; it predated the NES version by a few years, and even then the NES version was only single-player and relatively crappy. (But I still saved up for the $35 to buy it the day it hit the shelves... in retrospect I should have just registered Double Blocks instead. Woulda been cheaper and more satisfying.)

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