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Double Dragon II - The Revenge

Although Double Dragon II exists for a variety of different systems, this node covers specifically the NES version of the game, although I imagine that they are very similar. It was released in the United States by Akklaim.

The Story

Straight from the instruction manual):
The Black Shadow Warriors.
They've gunned down your girl.
And you and your brother Jimmy
Lee are out for revenge.

In your quest, you'll encounter
nunchaku-toting enemy gangs.
You'll battle through dangerous
alleyways and in underwater
tunnels. But nothing is too much
for you two. Because you're
trained masters of the invincible
martial art of the Double Dragon.

Nuclear war has ravaged the city. And a gang of ruthless criminals, the Black Shadow Warriors, are trying to take over. They're Danger with a capital "D".

Thugs and muggers. Tough street chicks. Greasers and hoods. High-jumpers and karate choppers. Plus burly bosses, gruesome giants and freaky androbots.

First they hit the universally-famous Double Dragon Dojo, the home of the Double Dragon warriors. Martial arts students there were in constant training. Building their strength. Developing invincible moves. Honing their skills.

But they weren't powerful enough. Or fast enough. Because somehow the Black Shadow Warriors managed to overcome everyone of the men in training. And then they committed the ultimate crime: they gunned down your girl, Marion.

Only you and your brother are left. Left to take on the entire army of Black Shadow Warriors. Left to push them out of the city. To follow them back to the dangerous source of their operation. Back to where their leader is. Back to where you can avenge the loss of Marion.

You'll have to use every Double Dragon martial arts move you've mastered. The punches and kicks. The elbow smashes and jump kicks. The hair pulls and hair throws. Even the incredible "SPINNING CYCLONE" and "HYPER UPPERCUT."

The more you fight, the better you get. Which is a good thing. Because the deeper you get into Black Shadow territory, the more difficult things get.

This quest is unlike any you have ever embarked upon--with enemies unlike any you've ever encountered. In fact, you'll enter places no one outside of the Black Shadow gang has ever dared to go.

Places that hold a never-ending barrage of sheer terror. Places filled with warriors so evil, so treacherous, that only a Double Dragon warrior has a chance for survival.

And that's where this adventure begins...


You play the game as either Billy Lee (First Player) or Jimmy Lee (Second Player). You can play on three different difficulty levels:

You can also play in one of the following modes:
  • 1P Play
  • 2P Play A
  • 2P Play B

The difference between 2P Play A and 2P Play B is that in B you are able to fight (in the game) with the other player, and if you kill them, you take the life that they lose. This can actually help, because if you are missing some health bars, you can each exchange lives, and get back to perfect life.

In Practice mode, the enemies are ridiculously easy to kill, and the game ends after the third level.

In Warrior mode, the enemies are slightly harder, though they still die with only one Spin Kick. This mode gives you most of the game, but it still ends after Level 8.

In Supreme Warrior mode, the game is somewhat difficult. Enemies can take more hits (2 spin kicks), and the timing changes on some of the jumps (such as in level 7), and the floor disappears faster on this mode. Plus, you get to play level 9, and fight the Shadow Warrior.


Movement is controlled with the control pad, and is the same as any game, pressing Up, Down, Right, and Left moves you Up, Down, Right, and Left (respectively).
The attack controls for this game are somewhat different from those of most console games, because they were modeled after the arcade version of the game.

To attack to the right, press the A BUTTON
To attack to the left, press the B BUTTON
If you are facing in the direction of your attack, you will punch. Otherwise, you will kick.

To jump, press the A Button and B Button at the same time.

The Start Button pauses the game. If you press it again, you will restart.

Special Moves

You can deliver an Uppercut the same way as a punch. You just have the throw several punches in a row first.

Press the A and B buttons at the same time to jump. And then press the attack button to kick in the direction you are facing while still in the air.

HAIR OR COLLAR GRAB To do this, simply punch the enemy while moving in his direction, and you will grab on. Once you have grabbed on, you can do one of several things:

  • Repeatedly press the attack button, and you'll knock your opponent's head.
  • Once you've grabbed the enemy's hair, press the attack button in the opposite direction from the one you're facing. The enemy will then be hurled over your shoulder, into the air.
  • When grabbing the enemy's hair, press the up arrow and the attack button in the same direction you're facing. And you will kick him away.
  • When seizing the enemy's hair, press the down arrow and the attack button in the same direction you're facing to drop your elbow on his head.

This kick causes you to extend your leg and spin in circles in mid-air. To execute it, you jmp, and then press the jump button again at the apex of your jump.

This super powerful uppercut can be delivered if you press either attack button just as you're landing from a jump, or as you're getting up from a fall.

To jump and give a powerful knee kick at the same time, wait until the precise moment you've landed from a jump or just as you're getting up from a fall. Then immediately push the control pad in the same direction as the enemy, and press both the A and B buttons at the same time.


From the Instruction Manual
Double Dragon Warriors don't carry weapons. But if your fighting skills are well tuned, you may be able to disarm the Black Shadow Warriors and use their weapons to your own advantage. Here are some of the weapons you may be able to pick up:

If an enemy drops a weapon, you can grab it by moving directly over the weapon and pressing either the A BUTTON or B BUTTON.

To throw a knife or bomb, press the ATTACK BUTTON in the same direction you're facing. You can still KICK while holding your weapon by pressing the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing.

To throw an iron pipe, press the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing.

To swing an iron pipe, press the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing.

To swing a chain, press the ATTACK BUTTON in the same direction you're facing. You can still KICK while holding your weapon by pressing the ATTACK BUTTON in the opposite direction you're facing.

These are other weapons the enemy will try to use against you:

WARNING: When you defeat a Black Shadow Warrior, their weapon will disappear (even if you're holding it). Which may lead you to wonder...was the enemy even there at all?

Gameplay Information

From the manual:
Both Billy and Jimmy begin each game with 3 lives.

Within each life there are 8 Energy Units. As you fight and get injured, your Energy Units are depleted.

If you lose all your Energy Units, you will lose a life. Other ways of losing a life include falling off a building, into water, or onto deadly devices.

As you enter each new mission (not screen) of the game, your energy units will be replenished.

As you defeat all of the enemies in a given screen, a white hand will direct you in the direction that you need to go.


MISSION 1: Into the Turf

MISSION 2: At the Heliport

MISSION 3: Battle in the Chopper

MISSION 4: Undersea Base

MISSION 5: Forest of Death

MISSION 6: Mansion of Terror

MISSION 7: Trap Room (Dungeon of the Mansion)

MISSION 8: The Double Illusion

MISSION 9: Final Confrontation?

I hope to add the dialogue from the cutscenes in the future.

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