Simply amazing. From funk to punk to silly to insightful, with plenty of politics and a short spanish guitar workout along the way. The following track list is based off of the most recent CD reissue, in the format it appears on the CD itself.

1. D's Car Jam/Anxious Mo-fo (boon/watt) 1:19
2. Theatre is the Life of You (boon/watt) 1:30
3. Viet Nam (boon) 1:27
4. Cohesion (boon) 1:55
5. It's Expected I'm Gone (watt) 2:04
6. #1 Hit Song (hurley/boon) 1:47
7. Two Beads at the End (hurley/boon) 1:52
8. Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth? (watt) 1:49
9. Don't Look Now (fogerty) 1:46
10. Shit From an Old Notebook (boon/watt) 1:35
11. Nature Without Man (dukowski/boon) 1:45
12. One Reporters Opinion (watt) 1:50
13. Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing (watt) 1:33
14. Maybe Partying Will Help (boon/watt) 1:56
15. Toadies (watt) 1:38
16. Retreat (watt) 2:01
17. The Big Foist (watt) 1:29
18. God Bows to Math (jack brewer/watt) 1:15
19. Corona (boon) 2:24
20. The Glory of Man (watt) 2:55
21. Take 5, D. (watt/baiza/rocknowski/vandenberg) 1:40
22. My Heart and the Real World (watt) 1:05
23. History Lesson-Part II (watt) 2:10
24. You Need the Glory (hurley) 2:01
25. The Roar of the Masses Could be Farts (vandenberg/watt) 1:20
26. West Germany (boon) 1:48
27. The Politics of Time (watt) 1:10
28. Themselves (boon) 1:17
29. Please Don't Be Gentle With Me (joe brewer/watt) 0:46
30. Nothing Indeed (hurley/watt) 1:21
31. No Exchange (hurley/watt) 1:50
32. There Ain't Shit on T.V. Tonight (hurley/watt) 1:34
33. This Ain't No Picnic (boon) 1:56
34. Spillage (watt) 1:51
35. Untitled Song for Latin America (boon) 2:03
36. Jesus and Tequila (carducci/boon) 2:52
37. June 16th (watt) 1:48
38. Storm in My House (rollins/boon) 1:57
39. Martin's Story (tamburovich/watt) 0:51
40. Dr. Wu (becker/fagen) 1:44
41. The World According to Nouns (watt) 2:05
42. Love Dance (boon) 2:00
43. Three Car Jam (boon/watt/hurley) 0:36

Some other notes: I've linked the full names of the composers the first time they appear. Some were obvious, others took some poking about, mostly on Mike Watt's Hoot Page ( If you happen to know I've listed one incorrectly, kindly let me know.

Obviously, there are a couple of covers, Don't Look Now and Doctor Wu (that'd be original artists of Creedence and Steely Dan, respectively). On the original LP, there was another cover (Ain't talkin' 'bout love), as well as a couple more original songs (Mr. Robot's Holy Orders and Little Man with a Gun in his Hand). Those have been left off due to the space constraints of a CD. You can still get them on other CDs, though.

And finally, about the "car jams". Yeah, that's just the sound of a car. On the original LP, you had one for each band member, then one of all the guy's cars at once. On this version, two are left, to open and close the album: D's and the combined one.

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