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Tall hat modeled after the trademark headwear sported by Seuss's flagship character, The Cat in the Hat.

Also a now-forgotten fad dating back to 1998. Ahh, you remember it now, don't you. They were honestly da bomb back then. As I was never part of the in crowd and never a poser, I didn't own any of these hats, which were often altered from the original red and white stripes to feature other colors and/or small generic alien graphics (also big back then but not nearly as atrocious a trend). I vaguely remember all the popular kids and all the nerds who wanted to fit in with them wearing such hats on field trips and on the school bus, and in the hallways of junior high until the hall aides forced them to remove their phat fashion statements. I remember walking around the boardwalk on the Jersey shore, seeing vendors of the Dr. Seuss hats at every turn. Of course such fads fade away, and usually such ridiculous ones as this are burned from society's collective memory forever. The same classmates who dawned the distinguished leather jacket in 2000 and the duster in 2001 were sporting the Seuss back in the day. I'll always remember.

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