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Trunks: "Do you actually believe your own hype?"

Vegeta: "I AM THE HYPE!"

Way back in 2006 a group of amateurs decided to dub portions of the Yu-Gi-Oh cartoon with humorous dialog and call it Yu-Gi-Oh: the abridged series. The particulars of Yu-Gi-Oh: the abridged series are beyond the scope of this write up except to say that they spawned imitators. Lots of imitators. Sturgeon's law was in full force but a handful of passable series came out of the mix.

Then a group calling themselves team four star released Dragon Ball Z Abridged in 2008. Solid voice acting, jokes that ranged from passable to hilarious, and most importantly sound effects on par with the source material ( you don't know what you have until it's gone). The result was something fun, quotable, and more or less the gold standard of abridged series everywhere. And having reached the Cell Saga at episode fifty as well as several movies at the time of this write up it shows no sign of slowing down. The abridgement stays pretty true to the source material, following Goku on his adventures saving Earth from certain destruction. Most of the characters are sightly exaggerated versions of themselves. Others; such as Nappa, are nothing like their cannon counter parts. By my estimation the Namek saga is probably the height of the series and I would just as soon start with it as episode one.

Dragon Ball Z Abridged can be found on it's own site or on Youtube. The Namek Saga begins on episode eleven.


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