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Draig, the Welsh Dragon, is proudly displayed on its flag. Depicted as a 4-legged red dragon with a twisted tail, it is actually an ancient symbol that presumably comes from the Roman occupation of Britain, where it was known as “Draco.” "Draig" has always stood for both Dragon and Warrior/Leader among the Welsh.

The Draig has been featured in a large amount of early Welsh literature, including the tales of Arthur and Merlin. Throughout history, many armies held the banner of Draig and carried it into battle. In fact, during the Norman invasion of 1066 both sides carried it on the field.

Draig became the official national symbol during the reign of Henry VII after the Battle of Bosworth Field. He used it to cement his rule by claiming that he was a decendant from the ancient kings of Britain and the Draig was proof of that.

It has been regarded with national pride by the Welsh ever since.

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