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(pronounced dram-boo-ee) Liqueur which is based on scotch flavored with spices and herbs and sweetened with honey. It's got a wonderful delicate heat, and I find it can cure the common cold.

From the Drambuie website www.drambuie.co.uk:

"Drambuie is made from a base of 100% aged scotch whisky, many of which are single malts aged between 15 & 17 years."

"Drambuie is not only an unique and delicious marriage of the finest ingredients of aged Scotch Whisky, heather honey and a secret family recipe of herbs and spices, it is enhanced by the addition of ice in a way no other product is."

It's somewhat expensive (around $22 US for a 750ml bottle) but lasts a long time--this is a sippin' beverage. Getting blasted on Drambuie not only would be difficult, it would likely be uncomfortable (due to the high sugar content of the drink), and very well impossible. Certainly it would not be an exercise for the poor.

Oh, and it's Scottish. The name is a concatenation of Gaelic words that translate into The Drink That Satisfies.

The only mixed drink I know of that uses Drambuie is a Rusty Nail--although I have mixed it with orange juice--I suppose you could call that a Rusty Navel.

I had a weird penchant in college for drinking Drambuie out of a plastic cup. Not because I liked having it in a plastic cup, but because I didn't have a glass.

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