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A fascinating game to play with two people, a pencil, and lots of paper.

The object of a drawing war is to wear your opponent's imagination out. This, in effect, should be impossible, so the TRUE end of a drawing war comes when both parties get bored stiff or it's dinner time.

Each player must decide to be a Defender or an Attacker. The Defender starts the war by drawing the object which will be defended. This can be nearly anything, allowing for the rules, defined below. The Attacker must then draw something that may kill the defended object. In turn, the Defender must block this attack somehow. The Attacker may choose a new attack or destroy the Defender's method of defense, and so on.

Eventually, you will have numerous pieces of paper with a bizzare string of events on them.

There are a few basic rules which must be observed:

  • EVERY attack and defense MUST be artistically represented on paper.
  • The Defender may NOT choose to defend something that is either defined as invincible (God, Superman, admantium, etc), or whose demise would be beneficial (Congress, etc).
  • Neither player may use various dieties or other omnipotent sources (God, Q, Roman dieties, etc), with the exception of the Out To Lunch/Out To Order sign and the Atomic Bomb, described below.
  • Each player has an only-way-out tool. The Defender can employ the Out To Lunch or Out Of Order sign, depending on the circumstances, to stop ANY attack. The Attacker can drop the Atomic Bomb if the situation turns up that there is no logical attack to be made. These tools may ONLY be used ONCE in the game.
  • Repetition is not allowed, though some moderation between the players must be agreed upon to decide whether something is a running gag or a repeated attack/defense. This does NOT mean that one given defense can't block more than one attack, or vice versa, however. There is always the chance that a given defense that was already played and is still in effect can stop more than one attack.
  • Artistic talent is NOT needed to play a drawing war. Thus, neither player can hold it against his or her opponent that a hand grenade looks more like an apple, for example.

Sit back, grab a pencil, and enjoy the fun!

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