I've been dreaming
off and on
ever since sunrise
I woke up late
from a dream of her
She was skiing and stopped to play checkers with me
I was late to work
because I sat at a stop sign for five minutes
dreaming I was still at home
eating breakfast with her
I zoned out at 10:30
dreaming of the first time I met her
and again at 11:12
dreaming of the last time I saw her
Then at lunchtime
I was stopped in mid-chew
by a dream of when I took her flowers
after she broke her leg
stepping in a gopher hole
I had another dream at 2:30
that we were in our 80s
surrounded by kids and grandkids
I almost hit a car on the way home
because I heard her voice whispering in my ear
I burned my dinner
while dreaming of the third time we kissed
After that, I
let my food get cold
while I dreamed of a wedding that never happened
And I was doing the dishes
when a nightmare of her death
left me icy cold for 15 minutes
Throughout the rest of the evening
I relived those moments when
almost on a whim
I decided to break up with her
and damned myself forever as God's Own Idiot
and now the phone rings
I answer and it's her
She picked up my number from an old friend
She lives only a few towns away
"Let's get together" she says
"I've missed you so much"
I'm dreaming again
I must be dreaming
I must be

While many people would define Dream Girl as their most desirable star or perhaps a girl they lust over from a distance, I do not. My dream girl appears in my dreams, strangely enough.

She changes her appearance to a greater or lesser extent with every dream. I always identify her as the same girl, She never appears to me as different people. She sometimes looks similar to a past girlfriend, but mostly she appears as follows:

Her hair is almost always past shoulder length and varies from straight Japanese black to slightly curly blonde. She never seems to be less than 5 feet 6, and doesn't ever augment her height with big heels. She is never thin, and is often quite curvy with big hips and breasts. Noder's note: I'm just describing her how I dream her - She's not real and I know that

Her face is often hard to remember; more often I remember being captivated by all of her, far more than the face alone. If I had to describe her face, it would be somewhat like Sandra Bullock's, although that could be me trying to pidgeonhole her. Her eyes are always striking, no actress or model's eyes come close. Her eyes are piercing and expressive, if I say something to hurt her I can see every bit of damage in them.

Unfortunately, I cannot find words to describe her voice :-(

This pointless node was bought to you by dizzy's migraine

A member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Nura Nal is Dream Girl's real name. Dream Girl comes from the planet Naltor. All the inhabitants of the planet have the ability to see the future with 100% accurancy. Most of these visions come in dreams, although they can be achieved through going into a trance.

Dream Girl joined the Legion of Super-Heroes and soon after had a vision that seven of the members would die in an explosion. She misinterpreted the dream, as they were actually robot doubles of the Legionaires, so she resigned soon after.

She joined the Legion of Substitute Heroes for a while, but later was rejoined the Legion in disguise under the name Miss Sterious, when Supergirl was forced to resign due to a Kryptonite cloud surrounding the Earth.

After proving herself a capable Legionaire, she revealed her true identity and was accepted into the Legion again under her own name.

She is romantically involved with Star Boy and is the sister to White Witch.

I was in the library, late at night, sitting at one of the quiet side desks facing the window on one of the isolated upper floors. At this time of night, nobody else was there, and I was sitting there alone trying to finish what remained of my fluid mechanics assignment. It was stupidly hard, I didn’t understand a thing and I was poorly motivated. Half way through, I started to lose focus and just plonked my head on the desk. Before I realised, I had begun writing the name of the girl I liked in my notebook. Just writing her name over and over again. And before I knew it, I became drowsy and fell asleep.

And I dreamed.

I dreamed that she was making her way out of the library, but then she saw me. She saw me sleeping soundly on the desk, and her eyes gravitated to my hand which was still clutching the pen, and then to the lines of writing in my notebook, and then to the endless columns of her name that slowly became illegible before abruptly stopping. She smiled, brushed her hair from her cheeks, and then gave me a peck on the cheek. And then she briskly skipped away.

When I finally came to, I looked at the clock in front of me and saw that I had slept for more than an hour. I still felt the softness of her kiss lingering on my cheek and slowly brought my hand close to her kiss as if in religious reverence. Was it all just a dream? I was about to say so. But then I realised there was a distinct coolness on my cheek. A trace of some moisture from her lips was unmistakenably, definitely, there.

I leapt out of my chair and began searching through the aisles, trying to find her. But she had long already disappeared in the labyrinthine corridors of the library.

She's been visiting in dreams this week.

My sister. In one we are teens, with an enormous forest fire. I wake when I am confronting an adult, three adults, they have abandoned her to burn in a forest fire. I am yelling, "We have to go back, we have to get her!" and the adult is sullen. It isn't HIS fault. He doesn't take responsibility, nor do my parents, in the dream. She is lost at 14.

Lost, abandoned, dead.

Everyone in that dream is dead. Except me. A visitation.

In another dream she has borrowed my tent and left it. I am at a hotel, in a suite. She acts uncaring and refuses to deal with it, to do anything to get my tent back. I call the hotel where she left it. They say that they will send a helicopter to get me. They will fly me over to get my tent. I am pleased and surprised. Why would they send a helicopter? But I long to ride in the helicopter and I accept.

My sister comes in to the hotel suite with two men. There are sunlit windows all around. I tell her about the helicopter and invite her along. She doesn't really respond, she is flirting with the men.

Our room starts to turn. I am startled. They all ignore it. I look out the window. We are on the second story. Our suite and the rooms below are detached and being carried by a bulldozer. I open the window.

"What are you doing?" I ask the driver.

He looks up and stops the bulldozer. "You aren't supposed to be there!" he says.

"I've rented the suite!" I say.

"The bakery is downstairs. I take the bakery to the catered event."

"I don't want to go! I am going in a helicopter! Put us back!"

My sister and the men are paying attention now.

"You have to pay for gas if you ride." says the bulldozer operator.

The two men each give him a 20.

"I don't want my hotel room to move. I didn't agree to this." I am NOT going to pay for the ride, which is not the ride I want.

I wake up.

What are you telling me, sister? Dream girl...

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