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  • I thought, this is just like those dreams where there's change all over the ground and all I have to do is gather it. It was dark, but I was able to gather heaping muddy handfuls of change. A spring in the ground gave way and drenched us all. We found Indian coins further down. One of the youinger girls said this was the best day of her life, which made me sad for her.

  • Out in the woods with Noah. Compasses strewn everywhere - I must have seen a dozen. He wanted me to go to Wisconsin with him on his motorcycle. It would take three days. I declined. He was angry.

  • A commercial for Sara Lee cheesecake. The woman smashed it into bits on her plate and then had an orgasm.

  • Looking down from the balcony I could see her showing off. She was beautiful but annoying.

  • In my grandmother's house I could see the mailman coming up the front steps. I ducked so he wouldn't see it. But it was my grandmother, and she was locked out, so I had to get up and let her in. She was crabby as usual. I sat on the floor sorting perfume samples that had come in yesterday's mail.

    My mother got angry about Eleanor and burst into her room. She hadn't been out in years. I went in too and found her sitting in a corner, limp, in a black bathrobe. When she exploded at us it was with pure rage. I drew the curtains. My grandmother wouldn't admit anything was happening.

    • I was at a casino/bookstore with a bunch of my friends. After a bit, my friends were gone and I was there watching my 6 year old nephew. I let him play with my leatherman to keep him occupied. He ended up breaking some of the features of it.. I tried to fix it, but I couldn't. I asked a guy reading a book in the engineering section if he could help me. He had me hold it while he tried some things. Around this time my nephew ran off but I felt obligated to help the engineer. While he was working on it I realized exactly how to fix it. I told him, but he said it wouldn't work. He continued trying seperate things and he could not fix it.. He ended up breaking it further. I was upset that he would not let me fix it.

      Now he took me upstairs and said he would call his friend from AT&T, who would know how to fix it. He called, but his friend wasn't there. He was about to offer to do something else, but I told him I thanked him for his effort, and that it would be okay if he gave me the leatherman now, and left me his friend's number so I could call him later. (I didn't plan on using it.) I now had my leatherman, and since it was further broken, I no longer knew how to fix it.

    • I was hanging out with one of the Beatles. We listened to an unrecorded version of LSD (His name for Lucy in the sky with diamonds) and we hung out. We went to get an autograph of another member of the Beatles. The other member was young, he was not even in the band, so me and the first member must have travelled in time. We got his autograph, and then the guy I was hanging out took me home around 2AM.

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