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  • I was that man who was late.
    Where the fuck do you get a rental car around here?
    The other man sat in the back seat and the part of me that was still a girl thought he was awfully cute, but I was trying not to think about that, because right now I was a man. To get rid of the confusion I jacked off while he slept.

  • Bonita had run away from OLA and taken all the chicken and strawberries she could fit in her car!
    I was supposed to be upset but I just couldn't get mad at her.

  • We were out west and had discovered the secret of very fast, magical travel.
    Where do you want to go tomorrow? Reno? Great Falls?
    edebroux was with us but we hardly ever saw her - she was there on business, all dressed up in a blue suit.

  • Let's ask Clarissa's little friend what her favorite tv show is.
    "'Kennedy and Livingston,' ma'am."
    Why were they all so disappointed in my choice?

My lover and I are in a subway tunnel. He nibbles my ear, and whispers something, but I really just want to play Scrabble. He is covered with chalk. I think about putting him in a museum, with all the other figures of beauty.
Then I realize he is not covered with chalk; instead the ceiling is caving in. The trains have stopped running, and there is an orange glow that seemed electric at first, but is actually the flash of explosions.
Maybe the world is ending. Someone is keeping score over the intercom, as if it were a football game.
I lose the ability to speak...everything I say comes out adjectives.
Slippery. Sanguine. Archaic.
I think he is turning into sand. I begin to eat the letters off the game board...

Then I woke up.

I was at a huge church/catholic school event, with all the little catholic school kids from around where I live. I saw my old religion teacher, and I was so glad he was there. I have felt terrible for the last four years because I was so mean to him back in the day. If Ed Meihly (sorry ed, I still can't spell your last name) reads this, you should know that mary is sorry and hopes you are doing well.

me and some people were told that if we swam across a big lake we would be able to get free patents on stuff. although i didn't have anything to patent i figured i'd come up with something during the swim. since i had swam the lake many times before (odd, since in real life i'm quite afraid of swimming) i decided to go for it.

i was about to dive in head first, but recently someone had built up the bottom of the lake with decorative tile and now the lake was only about 3 inches deep until about 20 feet out from shore, where there was a sharp drop off. we walked to the drop off dove in and started across. when we arrived at the other side, it appeared to be some sort of technology show. i had not thought of anything to patent, and i didn't see how anything i could think of would compete with the stuff i saw there. so i swam back across the lake.

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