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During one of my 7-9pm cat naps I had a dream I was traveling with my mother in her mini-van and we were listening to the radio. National news was on and Bush was addressing the states with his plan to find seven Arab countries who embraced Taliban ideals to commence a third world war. According to my little neck of the REM woods, seven small countries were needed to fit the prerequisite for a full scale battle. Perhaps it was the pizza I had before falling asleep. I remember thinking to myself (in the dream) this guy sure is passionate about flushing our arsenal depots with new ordinance.

I dreamed I was late for school and was running, running, running to get there. I had no clothes on, only my blanket loosely wrapped around me. I had some things in my hand, had to get there now.

I got to school, was looking for the right building and a fellow student came up to me and he asked a question like what time it was or something. I then took off the blanket and answered him while I put my clothes on. No one looked, or thought anything of it, of course.

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